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torchwood_santa's Journal

Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string!
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Secret Santa Gift Exchange for the BBC series Torchwood
Torchwood Santa


Torchwood_Santa is a secret Santa community for the virtual exchange of fanwork in the Torchwood fandom. Here’s how it works.

1) Join the community. Don't forget to watch it as well. You don't want to miss any updates.

2) Post your wishlist between October 1st and November 1st. You can request any kind of fanwork: fiction, art, banners, wallpapers, ,music mixes, videos, photo manipulations, etc. By posting your wishlist, you agree to create a piece of fanwork for someone else.

3) On November 7th the mods will contact you by e-mail with your secret Santa assignment.

4) Get your creative juices flowing and put together something for your secret Santa. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail the mods and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Be aware that you don’t have to satisfy the entire wishlist (though you’re welcome to try). Any contribution will be appreciated by your secret Santa.

5) E-mail your completed work to the mods at tw.santa.mod@gmail.com by December 17th. The mods will post everything anonymously between December 24th and January 2nd.

6) On January 11th, we will reveal the contributors and archive the works.

General Rules

There are minimum requirements for each type of submission (unless otherwise requested).

• Fiction: At least1000 words
• Art: At least 500x500
• Video: At least 30 seconds
• Mixes: At least 10 songs

This is an anonymous exchange, so keep your identity secret until the reveal January 11. Any communication between you and your secret Santa will be done through the mods.

If you are unable to complete your assignment in time, please leave a comment here or e-mail the mods as soon as possible so that we can organize a pitch hitter.

Anything Else

If you have any questions, drop the mods a line here.

If you would like to affiliate with torchwood_santa leave us a comment here and we'll add you to the list.


Username: Self-explanatory. We’ll need this for posting and archiving purposes
E-mail: So we can get in touch with you secretly with your assignment, and with any questions your secret Santa might have.
What I want: List the kind of media you’d like to see, and what pairings, genres or prompts you might have in mind. Try to include multiple requests to facilitate the matching process. Be as specific as possible, so that you can get the gift you’ve always wanted.
What I don’t want: Anything you don’t want to see. Again, this can be pairings, genres, or any squicks you might have.
Maximum Rating: The maximum rating you’d be comfortable seeing from your secret Santa. Keep in mind, NC-17 only isn’t an option.
What I can do: Let us know what kind of fan work you’re interested in, and what pairings, genres, etc … you enjoy.
What I won’t do: Any pairings, genres, etc , that you won’t do, or if you’ll only work with a specific media (i.e. manips versus drawings).
Anything Else: Anything not covered by the above questions.
Pitch hitting: Are you able to pitch hit in the event of a drop out? Yes, no and maybe are all valid answers. If you don’t think you’ll have time, don’t feel obligated to say yes.

Post your completed wishlist here.

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